It is the nature of life that sometimes what is possible for all become impossible for one. "What If Spring Does Not Come?" is a woman's voyage of discovery of herself, her dreams, and her proper place among these impossibilities. It is a poetic appreciation of women's effort and a tribute to their supreme place in life.


 Director: Alireza Darvish

Germany/Iran, 2007, 8min
Category: Animation

Producers: Alireza darvish & Mina Siegel 

Editor: Sebastian Luhdo

Original Score: Naser Mehravar & Cali

Sound: Feri ToneStudio

Speaker: Hanne Ludho & katia Kanzler

Poet: Forugh Farokhzad




Official Selection for the Brooklyn International Film Festival (BIFF 2007), NY, USA
Official Selection for 10° festival Inventa un Film Lenola 2007, ITALY  
Official Selection for International Short Film Festival(Independent Films on Iran), NY, USA.
Official Selection for Animadrid 2008, Madrid, Spain.
Official Selection for Anifest 2008, Czech Republic.
Official Selection for 12th Ismailia International Festival, 2008 Egypt.
Bonner Kunstverein und Artothek Bonn , Germany 2012



* Special Jury Prize for  International Short Film Festival: (IndependentFilms on Iran), NY, USA.
* Special Jury Prize for: 12th Ismailia International Festival 2008,  Egypte



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