Tah ha

Alireza Darvish has once again invited us to take a trip with him into the depths of the human being, to the essence of humanity, a trip outside the physical body. Oddly enough, the carriage of this trip is the body! Language could define humanity with a few behavioral and character parameters, but the dynamism of bodily movement define humanity in art.  
Alireza Darvish's drawings, with their bold and seething lines, in addition to exhibiting the artist’s masterful knowledge of the human body, emphasizes the body's behavioral character in an spectacular way rather than its sole visual impact. He take us to the nude body of men and women who, seeking to escape from loneliness, appeal to the movements of their bodies; they run, they shout, they search, and they fly. They try to make sense of the tangibles. They measure what is measurable. They build. They sing. They dance. They remove the shackles from their hands and feet. They try, and try, and try.
It is in this effort that there is no sign of any specific space or time. It is just the position of textures and lines which, even when compiled, when spread in magnitudes and numbers, expands to the enormous size of a city and …. they move from one to two to three to four, when they gather in cosmopolitan cities and build and build, and build….… but alas when one “Tan” (Persian for body) becomes even a million, the product is just Tan ha (the Persian plural of body, a homonym for “lonely”.
In no other language is loneliness defined so meaningfully to express the realm of humanity, well beyond the visual body of the human being, as well as it is described in Persian language. Tan is the term used for one body without a soul; the plural of "Tan", is "Tan ha", which means loneliness in Persian! Yes, indeed there is no escape from it as long as we dwell upon Tan which even in a multitude means nothing but loneliness. We need a help, serious help, to bring us out of that loneliness, a soul, which goes much deeper than the measurable tangible bodies, a soul which reaches into the depths of humanity, to the essence, to understanding, and communicating to reach out for another soul! And here, facing Alireza Darvish's drawings, lines, and lines, and lines, we can take our road to the "movements" of these bodies which take us to the depth of the human being. These simple lines twisting into each other are a simple device to activate the machinery of life. These lines are in fact the manifestation of simple everlasting moments of life, simple signs of living, action to rescue us from loneliness, as is describes beautifully in Haiku verse: the eternal humble moments of body in the stream of life.      
Mina Siegel

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